Chiptuning file services

Tuning files 2023? We’ve continuously improved the file service platform over the years and ensured that it has become more user-friendly for customers. At the same time, we need to make sure that the system is ready for the future by expanding our database by enabling new, upcoming features and creating new tuning files for new cars and vehicles. The programmers are certified and working in the automotive industry for years. We also give warranty on all of our files. Not happy? Money back guarrantee. See extra information at chiptuning file service.

What is a Chiptuning File? A chiptuning file is a file that is used to reprogram chips in order to change the performance of an engine. Usually, these chips are responsible for controlling the engine’s fuel or ignition systems. Also, they are used to monitor the engine’s sensor data. They are present in all modern cars, even when they are standard. However, there are situations when they need to be reprogrammed with chiptuning files since the engine may not be running as it should. Chiptuning files are used when you want to optimize your car’s engine and increase its horsepower without making any modifications to it. This is ideal for people who don’t have enough time but also want a quick and efficient solution that will benefit their driving.

The most obvious benefit is that you can improve how your engine operates. Not only can you increase your car’s fuel efficiency, but you can increase its horsepower. Engine chip tuning is also one of the most cost-effective means of improving your car. Instead of having your whole engine upgraded, you can use engine chip tuning to create change that only applies to certain parts. For instance, you can opt to change the fuel-to-air ratio and make a difference in how your engine burns fuel.

The reserves of the manufacturers – that is why chip tuning makes sense. In the development stage, the manufacturers of the engines always allow for certain reserves, so each engine operates well, always and everywhere. Depending on the engine, these reserves can amount to 40%. Both the hardware (i.e. the fitted parts) and the software for the control of the hardware must be designed for use by the general public. The manufacturers ask themselves: Who will drive with it? A granny who drives two miles to the bakery or indeed rather a youngster on the race track? Where is the engine used? In the cold north at minus 20°C or in the Sahara Desert in extreme heat? The manufacturers must consider all these factors and ensure that the engine they design delivers its performance without suffering any damage. Safety and a long service life are very important factors because the manufacturers guarantee them, of course! But still, your engine requires different values for optimal performance in the US than in the desert. In order to adapt the maps according to the actual load, you should do chip tuning.

Now therefore the step to be performed is to purge the old data and reset your ECU. Doing this allows it to adapt itself to new parts and efficiently perform post modification also. To reset the ECU you simply have to unplug the negative battery cable connection. Theoretically it is best to leave it in this disconnected condition for as long as you can. Practically leaving it disconnected overnight is more than enough. After having left the cable disconnected for sufficient time you have to connect back the cable. Start the car and keep it running so that it warms up. This would not take more than 10 minutes at the most in summers. Once you have done this you have accomplished the ECU resetting. Shut off the engine.

On our portal you can find thousands of ECU chiptuning files already ready and ready to upload, all you need to do is look for the automated file service but if you want more specific changes and you can’t find what you want in the automated file service. The father of thought. Our team works daily on personal tuning file services. Over the years we’ve gotten so good at ECU tuning that we’ve been able to modify your ECU chiptuning files in minutes (about 30 minutes on average). When a client visits your store and requests a change from Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Pop & Bang, DPF Off, NOX Off, Catalyst Off, or any other change, we cover you. Just register or login to our portal, upload your client’s ECU files, tell us what should change and before you finish drinking coffee you will be ready to change and upload ECU chiptuning files. We offer high-quality tuning file services to enhance your clients’ driving experience Read additional info at